02 January 2009

Celebrating Addie's 2nd Birthday at her Great Grandma's!

During Thanksgiving we celebrated recent birthdays for Roger's side of the family. Of course this included Ms. Bug's 2nd Birthday. I think this kid had more parties this year than Paris Hilton when she turned 21!

Elmo Live!

Addie's Grandma gave her an early Birthday gift- Elmo Live! The doll is actually pretty neat (read-annoying after 2 minutes). It really interacts with the kids. It tells story and reacts to kids by if it's hugged or if you squeeze his nose. Addie loves it, no matter how I try and curb her Elmo obsession.

Presents from our friends in Washington!

Our friends Josh & Stephanie and their two little girls Rian & Dylan sent Addison some special birthday presents for her second birthday.

Thank you guys! We love the baby puppy and the My Little Pony!

26 November 2008

Pictures from our trip back East!

Addison at her Great-Grandma's house
Another pick with crazy pig tails

So sick, but still enjoying a popsicle

First time with Jello

Addison and Max

Shannon, Me, Kyle, Larry, Kristen, and Kaitlyn

Addison and her Aunt Kristen

My crazy kid!

Me, Larry, and Kristen

Shannon, Larry and Max

She was obsessed with this turtle

She warmed up to her Uncle Larry quite fast

19 November 2008

Halloween 2008

Only my kid would have 2 costumes. A witch for school and a princess by night. Unfortunately, our camera was doing some weird stuff for the Princess pics :(

05 October 2008

Addie's 1st School Picture

When Picture Day at Pinecrest came around, I thought nothing of it. On two occasions at Tutor Time, Addison screamed and wouldn't take a picture. Anticipating the same result, I purchased the smallest package this time. Alas, they came out pretty cute!!!

02 October 2008

Enter to win a JuJuBe Diaper Bag!

You can comment on this site to enter to win a JuJuBe diaper bag! These are my favorite all time bags. The attention to detail on them is amazing, and the fabric quality isn't comparable to any others. Plus, the fun prints are awesome!!

The site has tons of cute stuff on it- it kept me busy doing some online drooling over products!

24 September 2008

21 September 2008

Animal sounds

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Thank You & I Love You!

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Addie gets down with her bad self!

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All food is fair game..

to Addie when she is around!

Who says swim diapers are boring?

The concept of intended use is weak, I will admit. But we recently got our money worth out of this one:

Shopping for toys, toys, toys!

We've already started planning for Addison gifts this year for her birthday and Christmas. We've had luck and great recommendations on products so far that have held her interest all year.

The big thing for her this holiday will be a play kitchen. She's just started playing with dolls and pretend items, so I think this will go a long way. Since we live in a small house, space is an issue. We found this one that is wood (huge plus) and has lots of storage. Plus it's one sided so it will fit nicely against a wall.

I also love the wooden play food by Melissa & Doug. We have a couple of their puzzles and they are awesome! Such good quality!!

We'll also definitely grad the Word Whammer. She has both the fridge farm and the alphabet model. They are a huge hit! And it's awesome to have her in the kitchen with me while I am cooking or cleaning. I figured this we could even use this to fill in the gap in the alphabet letters over the last year.

I think for her birthday Roger and I are planning on getting her a tricycle. They have a few of them at Pinecrest where she goes to daycare, and although she can pedal them, we always see her riding them while pushing with her feet.

Lots of reviews to read and sale ads to shop! I'm excited to get Addie some new toys to play with. She hasn't gotten much since her birthday and Christmas last year, so most of what we have doesn't quite capture her interest anymore.